Monday, January 6, 2014

Which OS Is Better For Gaming- Windows 7 Or Windows 8

One of the everlasting debates on Windows 7 vs Windows 8 is about the one that is better in providing better gaming performance. Even though many take up different stands in this discussion, the answer for the question is simply straight, Windows 8 would be the best choice for you as all games available for Windows 7 operating system can also be run in the Windows 8 operating system; you will be able to run futuristic new releases on your computer if you have the Windows 8 installed.

As some of the games now available support only the new Windows 8 Metro interface, Windows 8 will be the best choice in the debate between Windows 7 vs Windows 8, as Windows 7 will not be able to run these games. Considering the performance of the games on the two operating systems, they both will run with the same speed on both operating systems as the speed of the game is determined by the hardware components mostly; and not the operating system installed in the system. However, there is a plus point in gong for the Windows 8 operating system, as it allows support for Direct3D 11.1, while Windows 7 supports it only partially.

In a gaming point of view, it does not really matter what operating system you choose, what matters is the type of hardware you have under the hood. However, as stated above, if you want to run 3D games, then going for the future proof Windows 8 will be a wise choice. The catch lying here is that you would have to adjust with the Start screen of the Windows 8 operating system and most of the gamers do not fancy them. Well there is nothing to worry, as an upgrade version of the operating system- Windows 8.1 is promised to release soon with the desktop mode and Start menu in place.

If you really need the original Start menu in place, it will be better to opt for some essential programs like Start 8 that make the original Start menu interface available for you in Windows 8 itself. Even though the game developers may use some of the new features in the Windows 8 operating system for enabling better quality games, you will still be able to run the games in Windows 7 operating system but with reduced graphics quality.

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