Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enable NetMeeting In A Windows XP Computer

Microsoft has smartly incorporated a very useful feature called NetMeeting in its Windows operating systems, which enables users to communicate and coordinate with different people in different locations. Using NetMeeting, you could easily establish a communication channel through which you could share images, video, data files or any other documents you want. Windows NetMeeting was the first to introduce the video conferencing feature, a feature that was later carried on to other popular IM services like the Yahoo Messenger and the Windows Live Messenger that we have today. Since Windows XP is still being widely used, there are many who use NetMeeting today even though more advanced IM services are available now.

In the Windows XP operating system, you can’t find an icon or link to access NetMeeting directly. You need to manually enable this feature in order to be able to use it. The following Windows XP Help guidelines will help you to enable this feature in your computer.

Instructions to enable NetMeeting in Windows XP 

  • Go to the Start menu, and locate the Help and Support option in the Start menu. 
  • Click this option to open the “Help and Support Center” window.
  • Go to the menu bar of the Help and Support Center window and click the “Index” icon. Doing this will change the view settings to Index view.
  • Click on the Search box in the Help and Support Center window and type “netmeeting” into the text field. There will be a green arrow button beside the Search tab. Click on it. Now you will have the index listing in the left pane of the Help and Support Center window.
  • Locate the NetMeeting link, which you will see, next to the Help and Support Center window. Click to highlight the “NetMeeting” link. Click on the “Display” button to open the “Topics Found” window.
  • Under the “Topics Found” window, locate the link "Using NetMeeting". Click to highlight the link and then click the “Display” button. The Topics Found window will now close, and you will get the “Using NetMeeting" page on the right pane of the Help and Support Center window.
  • When you get the "Using Netmeeting" page, look for the link "NetMeeting" and click on it to enable NetMeeting. 

You could seek Windows XP help from Microsoft Support Center, in case you have problems using the NetMeeting application.

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