Sunday, March 30, 2014

Outlook Time Zone Plugin

Many of the computer users are making use of the Outlook program to manage their email accounts. While using the Outlook program, you should understand that time zones play a very important role in email conversations. This is not much important when you mail a friend or colleague in your same region, but it becomes important when you are mailing someone who lives in some other region of the world. You may expect a direct response from someone when it is late at night in their area. This is one of the Outlook problems that many users face.

It does not matter if you are using an online email service like Gmail, or some other desktop email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Most probably, not all these email clients display the information about the time zone of the recipients in the email client. The plug-in for the Outlook program does not require any configuration after it is installed. The plug-in will automatically display the current time of the sender and the difference in time zone in hours ahead or behind while replying to the emails in the email program.

There is a plug-in named Sender’s Time Zone, which can be used with Outlook 2007, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2000. The most recent update for Sender's Time Zone has added support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 also. You should understand that the plug-in is no longer free. You can use a 15-day trial version, which you can try out to see if it is a useful add-on to the Outlook program.

You can also make use of the Outlook add-in to customize the time zone of a contact incase it is not detected correctly by the Sender’s Time Zone program. This can prove important if the messages are transferred via an Exchange server as you may see the time zone of the server, not the contact’s time zone. The user will be able to change the time zone of the contacts very easily in this case to correct the display before sending the email message. You can also see the information when the emails have been sent if you are browsing the sent email messages in the Outlook program.

If you have any doubts regarding such Outlook problems, you can contact our tech support team. They will be able to give you more idea on relevant Outlook problems.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Employ The Best Tool To Repair Damaged Outlook PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client applications used across the globe for its ease of use and simple user interface. Outlook helps users in managing their emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar events in an organized way. Users can also link multiple email accounts with Outlook and manage data in separate webmail accounts with a single desktop application.

Outlook saves all the email account data in the specifically allocated hard disk space as PST files. This allows users to access the data even without an active internet connection. However, this email client may bump into many errors when the PST files become corrupted or damaged. Here is a brief outline of the top five reliable Outlook PST file repair tools available today.

Scanpst tool

This repair tool comes included with the Microsoft Outlook application, and is capable to fix all the minor issues in the email client. Yet again, Scanpst tool may not provide the expected results when the PST file is damaged.

Kernel Recovery for PST

This Outlook repair tool is a potent cleaner, which offers numerous features to fight with the issues in the email client aroused by PST file errors. The most striking features of this tool include the ability to split oversized PST file into small segments, and data restoration options while repairing the corrupted file.

Outlook PST Repair and Recovery Software

This PST file repair tool from Disk Doctors scans all the data in the email client including mails, folders in the application, calendar entries, contacts database, tasks, journals, and notes, and offers a quick and safe way to recover the data from a damaged PST file. It also supports recovery of PST files that are password protected, compressed, or encrypted.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

This Outlook repair tool is widely recognized for fixing even the most severely damaged PST files. It helps users to recover emails, contact details, calendar entries, events, and other important data from the broken PST files. It also allows restoring formatting from RTF and HTML emails, and fixing the errors stirred by system malfunction, improper file sharing, network problems, exceeding the file size limit, PST file header damage, and malware.

OutlookFIX Professional

This software works in a unique way to fix the damaged PST files and restore deleted data from them. It is found to be the quickest and most reliable Outlook repair tool available today.

The above are the five best Outlook PST file repair tools. Employ the best tool that suits your purposes and fix the issues in Microsoft Outlook email client easily.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips For Sending Tasks And Reminders In Outlook

Very useful and efficient tasks and calendars are available with Microsoft Outlook in addition to the highly productive feature of receiving/sending mails. In Outlook, via email, the different tasks are sent and with no real difficulty to the calendar, the tasks can be added. A task reminder can be sent so as to inform the employee or coworker regarding the pending task so that it gets completed on time.

If the tasks are not completed on time, it could result in economic losses or sometimes the tasks may have high importance or value for an upcoming meeting. For successful sending of tasks and reminders in Microsoft Outlook, the below provided Outlook help guidelines have to be followed.

Steps to follow
  • Access Microsoft Outlook. Search and find the desktop shortcut icon and access it or by availing the Start menu, access Outlook. To access the Start menu, click on the Start button situated at the extreme left corner of the Windows taskbar.
  • The topside of the window contains the Outlook menu bar. The File menu is available in the menu bar. Choose it and from the menu, select New, and click on Task Request.
  • In the To field, enter that specific person’s name to whom the task requires to be sent. Choose To button to avail the address book to select the person. In the subject field, enter the task name.
  • In the section of Due Date, enter the task priority and due date. To get information regarding the task, check mark the check box corresponding to Keep An Updated Copy Of This Task On My Task List and Send Me A Status Report When This Task Is Complete.
  • In the message body, enter the essential details that you require to convey to the recipient. In order to send the message, choose the Send button.
  • For sending a reminder, from Outlook, choose the Tasks button. For opening the task worked on by the recipient, double click on it. In the task window’s upper side, from the Manage Task group, choose Send Status Report.
  • In the To section, enter the recipient’s name. To remind the recipient regarding the task, draft a suitable message and choose the Send button.
By following the above mentioned Outlook help guidelines correctly, the process of sending tasks and reminders can be easily performed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Set Up Outlook As Your FatCow Email Client?

Microsoft has a excellent product line to its credit and you ought to know about the Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Office application consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and others. However, these are the most commonly used office applications and Microsoft Outlook is the one and only email application included in the Office suite from Microsoft. They help us to send and receive email messages, create and manage contacts, prepare distribution list, prepare Outlook address book and several other functions. Because they help to perform many tasks, Microsoft Outlook is the email application that is normally preferred by many corporate enterprises and companies.

Let us check the main steps that would help you to set Outlook as your email client and this would help you to easily access your online mailbox for the FatCow mail service.

Instructions to setup email in Outlook
  • You need to log into MailCentral at the FatCow website. 
  • Now select the Access link and this will be offered for all eligible pop mailboxes. 
  • Select Get Setup Registry File. 
  • In your desktop outlooksetup.reg file will be downloaded and you need to save the same. 
  • After saving the file, you can open it with a double click. You will find a warning message on the screen telling you that some changes will be made to the registry if you proceed. 
  • You can select OK on the message box showing that you need to proceed. You will also receive a warning from the registry saying whether you wish to add the new items to the registry. 
  • You need to select Yes and a window will appear confirming that the changes have been implemented. You can select OK. 
  • Now Open Microsoft Outlook. You will now receive a message that a new Outlook account has been created and whether you wish to import the same. 
  • You can select Yes and a dialog box showing field to enter Network Password will be displayed. 
          Server - The FatCow mail server would be there in the list.
          User - give the FatCow email address.
          Password - give the password for your FatCow email.
          Save Password - Putting a check box will save the password.
  • You need to click OK.
These are the different steps that you need to follow to setup email in Outlook for a FatCow mail account.