Monday, April 15, 2013

Steps To Increase The Memory Of Your Laptop

Nowadays laptops come with memory sizes that is more than enough for normal usage. Of course, how much is “enough” is arbitrary as it largely depends upon use. But you can always choose to increase the memory to make your laptop more efficient.  If the memory of your laptop is low, you can’t expect much from it in terms of performance. People usually think that increasing laptop memory is something that can only be handled by a technical person, but the fact is, you can do it yourself by following the appropriate instructions.

Computer support instructions

Before going ahead with this procedure, make sure to keep your laptop manual ready.

  • Fist of all you need to go through your laptop manual. Doing this avoids a lot of confusion as you move along with the procedure. You can find information about the maximum memory capability of your laptop and the kind of memory to use. 
  • See how much memory that your laptop currently have. You can get this information by accessing the “System Properties” window. You first need to know how much memory your laptop has before you  decide how much memory needs to be purchased. In some laptops, you are required to have equal amount of memory in each slot.
  • Now proceed to buy the appropriate memory chip. The function of your laptop becomes smoother if it has more memory. 
  • Make sure to get rid of the battery of your laptop to avoid any possible damage. Also do not take the memory chip out from the static proof till the time it is needed.
  • Remove the screws that hold the memory cover. Install the memory chips in the specified angle. 
  • Place the chip carefully into the socket. Note that you are not allowed to exert pressure while handling the memory chips. You can actually feel it slide in its place, provided if it is done correctly.
  • Put the cover back in its place and make sure that the screws are tight enough. Switch on the power to check if your laptop is detecting the newly installed memory. Both your laptop and Windows has to recognize the memory, and then only you can say that the process was successful.

Installing memory won’t be a big task, provided you follow all these computer support instructions without fail. If you have any doubts, contact the tech support team.

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