Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Set Up Outlook As Your FatCow Email Client?

Microsoft has a excellent product line to its credit and you ought to know about the Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Office application consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and others. However, these are the most commonly used office applications and Microsoft Outlook is the one and only email application included in the Office suite from Microsoft. They help us to send and receive email messages, create and manage contacts, prepare distribution list, prepare Outlook address book and several other functions. Because they help to perform many tasks, Microsoft Outlook is the email application that is normally preferred by many corporate enterprises and companies.

Let us check the main steps that would help you to set Outlook as your email client and this would help you to easily access your online mailbox for the FatCow mail service.

Instructions to setup email in Outlook
  • You need to log into MailCentral at the FatCow website. 
  • Now select the Access link and this will be offered for all eligible pop mailboxes. 
  • Select Get Setup Registry File. 
  • In your desktop outlooksetup.reg file will be downloaded and you need to save the same. 
  • After saving the file, you can open it with a double click. You will find a warning message on the screen telling you that some changes will be made to the registry if you proceed. 
  • You can select OK on the message box showing that you need to proceed. You will also receive a warning from the registry saying whether you wish to add the new items to the registry. 
  • You need to select Yes and a window will appear confirming that the changes have been implemented. You can select OK. 
  • Now Open Microsoft Outlook. You will now receive a message that a new Outlook account has been created and whether you wish to import the same. 
  • You can select Yes and a dialog box showing field to enter Network Password will be displayed. 
          Server - The FatCow mail server would be there in the list.
          User - give the FatCow email address.
          Password - give the password for your FatCow email.
          Save Password - Putting a check box will save the password.
  • You need to click OK.
These are the different steps that you need to follow to setup email in Outlook for a FatCow mail account.

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