Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips For Sending Tasks And Reminders In Outlook

Very useful and efficient tasks and calendars are available with Microsoft Outlook in addition to the highly productive feature of receiving/sending mails. In Outlook, via email, the different tasks are sent and with no real difficulty to the calendar, the tasks can be added. A task reminder can be sent so as to inform the employee or coworker regarding the pending task so that it gets completed on time.

If the tasks are not completed on time, it could result in economic losses or sometimes the tasks may have high importance or value for an upcoming meeting. For successful sending of tasks and reminders in Microsoft Outlook, the below provided Outlook help guidelines have to be followed.

Steps to follow
  • Access Microsoft Outlook. Search and find the desktop shortcut icon and access it or by availing the Start menu, access Outlook. To access the Start menu, click on the Start button situated at the extreme left corner of the Windows taskbar.
  • The topside of the window contains the Outlook menu bar. The File menu is available in the menu bar. Choose it and from the menu, select New, and click on Task Request.
  • In the To field, enter that specific person’s name to whom the task requires to be sent. Choose To button to avail the address book to select the person. In the subject field, enter the task name.
  • In the section of Due Date, enter the task priority and due date. To get information regarding the task, check mark the check box corresponding to Keep An Updated Copy Of This Task On My Task List and Send Me A Status Report When This Task Is Complete.
  • In the message body, enter the essential details that you require to convey to the recipient. In order to send the message, choose the Send button.
  • For sending a reminder, from Outlook, choose the Tasks button. For opening the task worked on by the recipient, double click on it. In the task window’s upper side, from the Manage Task group, choose Send Status Report.
  • In the To section, enter the recipient’s name. To remind the recipient regarding the task, draft a suitable message and choose the Send button.
By following the above mentioned Outlook help guidelines correctly, the process of sending tasks and reminders can be easily performed.

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