Monday, January 20, 2014

Outlook 13 Ideal For Businesses And Enterprises

As support for Windows XP ends in a couple months, many companies have taken the initiative to upgrade their systems to the latest Windows 8 OS as well as Office 13. Microsoft claims that the new Exchange 13 and Outlook 13 clients have some fascinating new features with better security, enhanced "social networking experience,” and of course touch optimization- thanks to the new touch user interface.
Ankur Kothari, a senior product manager at Microsoft, claims that a new Touch Mode in Outlook 13 allows faster thumb friendly "Quick Actions" for mobile touch devices. Outlook also has a new look with additions like one-touch access to a minimized ribbon, and a brand new online reply feature. In addition, users also get “Quick Peeks” which allows faster access to calendars, tasks and “people” contacts directly from your mailbox.
Kothari also added that Microsoft would be taking advantage of its Yammer acquisition to increase social networking experience for users. The preview edition of Outlook 13 allows users to connect to popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn without installing any add-ons. Those who like reading e-news can pull up to five different news and/or weather feeds directly in Outlook 13.
Those who are using Outlook 13 in an Exchange 13 business setting get to access both emails and Microsoft SharePoint documents within a single folder in Outlook.

New Anti-Spam protection

Microsoft also released a new anti-spam technology through an update in the Exchange service. The new technology called Exchange Online Protection expands the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange feature present in the current version of Office 365-based Office suite.
Microsoft claims that the new technology improves identifying spam attacks at the zero day level as well as top-ranked spam filtering. In addition, there will also be improved recognition of new spam footprints or patterns that help identify spam attacks almost instantly.
Moreover, corporate IT administrators get to employ the Exchange service to screen out emails and attachments based on human languages and the country of origin of these mails. This E-mail screening by country greatly reduces the risks of spam attacks. Though the Microsoft Outlook price has not been disclosed, it might not amount to much. With these new enhancements, users may not care much about Microsoft Outlook price.

Exchange also takes a new approach for data loss protection as well as “e-discovery”. E-discovery enables electronic information to be saved as legal evidence. The new Outlook 13 along with Windows 8 is a bonus for large enterprises and organizations. 

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