Sunday, January 26, 2014

Microsoft Lures Folks With Stunning Windows 8.1 Features

It is almost three months since Microsoft released the groundbreaking Windows 8.1 update. The Redmond based software giant proved that it is capable enough to retain its customer base and draw new customers through its modern operating system. I am not saying that there are no criticisms about the new operating system. The highlight of Windows 8.1 is its status as an update to the flawed Windows 8 operating system. Folks who have Windows 8 license can upgrade to Windows 8.1 free. Even while Microsoft says that Windows 8.1 is a brand new operating system, the tech giant has released it just like an update to the Windows 8 users.

Windows 8 transfer 

Windows 8 transfer is a new feature that Microsoft has added to the new operating system. Using this feature, users can transfer data faster than usual. The feature would be quite useful when you upgrade your operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 features

The most appreciated Windows 8.1 feature is nothing but the return of the Start button. In fact, the tech giant has received much flak for removing the Start button on Windows 8. In addition to updating the operating system with new features, Microsoft has ensured that most of its default apps such as Office, Bing Search, Bing App, IE web browser and so forth also get an upgrade. The upgraded Bing App on Windows 8.1 allows you to look for other installed apps in your computer or files in your local hard drives instantly. Since the app is featured with a centralized view pane, there won’t be any difficulty in pinpointing your desired files or apps.

Photo Loop

The software giant has incorporated a new feature called Photo Loop, quite similar to the Photo Rewind feature in Blackberry 10. Using this feature, users can rewind an already captured photo and correct the mistakes or problems such as blinking, red eye and so forth.

Lock Screen with Photos

Many complain that they are bored by seeing the same lock screen background in their smartphone or tablets. Well, in Windows 8.1, there is a perfect solution for this. It is equipped with a feature called Lock Screen photos which allows you to enable photo slide shows on lock screen. You can browse through the photos from your hard drive to enable Lock Screen to sport the slide show.
I am afraid describing all the Windows 8.1 features would take a very long time. Hence, I have mentioned only a very few features such as Windows 8 transfer, return of Start button and so forth.

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