Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Resolving USB drive problems in Windows Vista

USB, Universal Serial Bus, is the standard in data transfer and connections. Before USB, bus connections were made by using the parallel or serial connectors. After the invention of the USB, by a group of 7 companies including Microsoft, Intel and IBM, the other connections lost importance. Now USB type connections are used in almost all types of electronic devices.
There are different types of storage devices and, USB drives or flash drives are one among them that utilizes USB connection for communication with the computer. All the platforms after Windows Me utilize USB connections and have support for it. Windows Vista also supports USB drives and has internal drivers. Microsoft tech support websites have a list of the USB devices and drives that are supported by Windows Vista.
Like every devices used in computers, USB storage devices also face issues in Windows Vista. Some problems are caused due to the problems with the hardware whereas others are caused due to the driver issues or issues with the Windows Vista platform. Some of the commonly faced problems with USB drives in Windows Vista and their solutions are given here.

Connection Problems
Some USB drives face issues when connecting to the platform. Some devices are not connected and installed by the Windows Vista platform. This happens in most cases due to the absence of proper compatible drivers or due to malfunctioning of the USB port. In the case of driver problems, connect your computer to internet and then connect the device. Windows Vista will install the device by downloading latest compatible drivers from the internet. In most cases this will solve the problem.
If Windows Vista is not recognizing the device, there must be a problem with the USB port. Change the port and try connecting the USB drive. If it’s working fine, it means the problem is with the USB port. If it’s a glitch, reconnecting in the same port will solve the problem. If it’s not working replacing the USB port will be a good idea.

Hardware problems
In most cases, the problem with USB drives in Windows Vista is due to the problems with the USB drive hardware. USB drives are so fragile and get easily damaged. If the device is not recognized by the Windows Vista platform, the drive might be damaged or the USB connector might be damaged. This problem can be solved by repairing the device.
In case of any platform issues or boot issues due to USB drive, contact Microsoft tech support to solve the issue.

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