Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Setup Outlook In A Blackberry Device

People that have used the Outlook email program once will be reluctant to part with this amazing program developed by the tech giant, Microsoft. This program allows a user to send and receive emails from any device. Same is the case with the BlackBerry phones too; there are people that prefer using a BlackBerry device rather that going for other devices currently available in the tech souk right now. The Outlook email setup can be done in the Blackberry devices with the aid of the PDA feature programmed in these devices. The PDA feature will allows a user to synchronize the Microsoft Outlook with their blackberry device. Enabling this feature will let people access emails from the blackberry device. Facilitating this feature on to your mobile device will also allow you to both send and receive emails.tag along the following instructions to successfully establish the Outlook email setup in your blackberry device.
Configure Outlook with BlackBerry
Trigger the "Menu" that lies to the left or right side of your BlackBerry device.
Go to the "Settings" button among the enlisted options and click on it to open.
Go to the "Manage Internet E-mail" button and click on it to open it up.
Go to the "Email Accounts" selection.
In the email accounts window, go to the "Add an Email Account" button and select it.
Now enter your current Outlook email address.
In the password entry box. Enter your Outlook account credentials to get in to your mail account.
Track along by engaging the "Next" tab and specify your account.
Navigate to the "Outlook Web Access URL" menu and type in the address of the particular website to access your Outlook account after getting the website address from your mail service provider.
Now go to the "Account Name" and type in your Outlook email address.
Now roll down to the "Use SSL" button to tick on the check box if your Outlook account is using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
Spool down to the "Next" tab and hang around until the blackberry wizard popes up with a confirmation message.
Trigger the "Ok" tab to wind up the Outlook email setup.
Blackberry devices are preferred by the corporate users more than anyone else as this gadget offers much more to this section of the population. Moreover, the outlook Express is also used by corporate heads for official communications.

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