Friday, November 16, 2012

Help to upgrade Office 2007

Microsoft Office suite of programs comprises of many programs like, MS Excel, MS Word, Publisher, etc. Every version of Microsoft Windows operating system comes with suitable version of MS Office suite. The current MS Office suite version released is Microsoft Office Suite 2010 for Windows operating system and MS Office suite 2011 for Mac OS.  It is rumored that Office 2013 would be released by December 2012.
Some Office 2007 suites don’t come equipped with some component programs. If a program does not come pre-installed with your Office 2007 system, you may need to upgrade. Office, Home and Student users who want to use Outlook 2007 must upgrade to another MS Office 2007 suite or separately purchase Outlook 2007. All helpful information on upgradeable Office 2007 suites is provided by Microsoft Office Online.
Microsoft help instructions on upgrading Office 2007
In order to see upgrade options for your Office 2007 system, Visit the "2007 Microsoft Office system pricing and upgrade information" page.
Under the "2007 Office suites" section, Read the information pertaining to your Office 2007 systemand thenby clicking on the suite link under the "2007 Office Suites" column, choose an Office 2007 suite that you would like to upgrade to.You will be redirected to another page where you can purchase the upgraded Office 2007 suite.
On the far right-hand corner of the page you can see “Ready to buy” link located, click on it. Click on the "Buy and download" link and thento purchase the Office 2007 suite, just follow the prompts. At checkout select the optional "Digital back-up" service and license key If you like to re-download your Office 2007 suite in the event of a PC crash.
Wait until you receive an e-mail from Microsoft with all necessary details on how to upgrade your Office 2007 suite. From your Microsoft e-mail message, Click on the download link provided and then by double-clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts, install the new software.
That’s all what the Microsoft help team instructs you to do in order to upgrade Office 2007. If you have any further doubts or clarifications, contact tech support team. Thank you for your time, take care and have a great day ahead! Adios! Thank you folks!

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