Monday, April 21, 2014

Troubleshooting Outlook 2002 That Is Unable To Receive Emails

Microsoft Office had been introduced by Microsoft Corporation a long time back and they are also regular in updating their application suite from time to time. Either you might have an old or a new version of Microsoft Office installed in your system. Microsoft Outlook is most commonly used for sending email messages, receiving emails, managing contacts, schedules, calendars, appointments, tasks, notes and for other purposes.

Sometimes in Outlook 2002, you may not be able to send or receive email messages. You might get frustrated as you may be waiting eagerly for an urgent email. After waiting for long, you may get annoyed and would have no idea about what is happening. An error message would not be even reported and this could confuse you regarding the actual cause for this trouble. But there can be plenty of reasons that could cause this error message and it would be difficult for you to go through each and every step and to verify for error messages.

You could definitely verify whether you have an active internet connection and if still you cannot receive email in Outlook, you could create a new Outlook email profile and verify that your Outlook settings are accurate. If you are ready to start the troubleshooting, you can follow the steps given below.

  • You can open Microsoft Outlook on your system and select Mail Setup.
  • Now move to Start and in the blank area, you can type control and select OK button.
  • You can select User Accounts and choose Mail.
  • Now select Show Profile and click Add.
  • In the Profile Name box, you can type Test and select OK.
  • Now choose Add a new email account and then Next.
  • Choose POP3 and click Next.
  • You can now provide your outgoing and incoming email account settings. To confirm your server settings, you can contact your email service provider and verify the same.
  • In the incoming email box, you can provide and click Next.
  • Now select Finish and this will save the changes that you have made.
  • Now move to Mail and click When Starting Microsoft Outlook…
  • Next to the profile that you have created, you can select the box and click OK.
  • Now send an email to check whether it is working fine.
If you cannot receive email in Outlook 2002 even after following the above mentioned steps, contact our tech support desk for further assistance!

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