Friday, September 6, 2013

How To Access The Help And Support Option In Windows 7

Windows 7 Help and Support can offer the best solution when you end up with troubles related to the working or operation of your operating system. Help and Support options include a lot of troubleshooting tips that can help fix many of the software and hardware related issues.

Windows 7 is equipped with one of the best Help and Support options. Even the software experts depend on the Help and support topics in order to troubleshoot various issues connected with the operating system. The greatest advantage of the Help and Support topics is that it can be followed even by someone who is new to Windows.

This article will let you know more about the Help and Support options incorporated in the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 Help and Support

The support options can be accessed with two clicks. The Help and Support options are displayed under the Start menu option. Click on the Start menu followed by the Help and Support option in order to open the Help topics in a new window. This will open up a new window on your screen with a search box on the top. The search box can be used to search for a particular word or a phrase connected with the installation or operation of the Windows 7 operating system. There are the three other options listed below the Search box. These options are as follows.

  • How to get started with your computer
  • Learn about Windows basics
  • Browse help topics
How to get started with your computer

As the name itself suggests, this option helps the users gain a basic understanding of the operating system. It helps the users know more about the different aspects related to moving files from other systems, creating back up options, creating new user accounts etc. This option in the Help topic lets the user know more about the Personalization and Customization options as well.

Learn about Windows basics

It will give the user an insight into the basics of Windows. It deals with hardware related topics, input devices etc. It also gives a brief idea about the basics of the various Desktop functions.

Browse help topics

This is a summary of the Help and Support topics. Make use of this option to browse through different help topics.

The help topics are arranged in a lucid and self-explanatory manner. This will help the users gain information on any subject within very less amount of time.

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