Monday, February 18, 2013

Problem With Office 2007 Documents In Outlook

The Microsoft Office 2007 and Outlook Express program comes compatible with most Windows operating systems and it works together in handling and transfer files. The features of these two Microsoft programs work in tandem to enhance the system’s capacity of handling Office documents. The document developed and processed by Microsoft Office is shared to other users through the Outlook.
Sometimes Outlook problems may occur in the program and you may not be able to manage the Office document in the Outlook. The problems may be like not able to view attached Office files in Outlook. This may be quite frustrating at times and users will be rendered helpless. There are many reasons that can cause Outlook problems and you do not have to panic, as there are ways to easily fix the issues by following some troubleshooting steps.
Steps to fix files opening issues in Outlook are discussed below.
The general reason for the opening Office 2007 documents problem in Outlook is the Outlook version used. The Outlook 2007 and later versions have no issues to open the documents. If the Outlook is earlier version, you need to save the file first and open it using the application of Office 2007.
If you notice or alert message pop-up on the screen saying Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: the Outlook is blocking the attached document.
The Outlook does not block Office 2007 attachments. So the blocking is by the Exchange Server Administrator or other individual accountable for the email facility can block the Office 2007 document by configuring the Outlook. You need to contact these people and ask if they can allow the permission to vied Office 2007 documents.
One way to fix the issue is to approach and ask the sender to rename the attachment. The Outlook is set by default to block the attachments according to the file extension. The Outlook will not block the Office 2007 attachment if the file has an unblocked extension. Download the attached Office file and then save it to a folder. To view this file, you need to rename the file with appropriate extension.
The troubleshooting steps shared here will fix the addressed Outlook problems and all you need to do is follow it strictly. For more information, you could try out Microsoft’s support system.

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